Monday, January 8, 2007

Istanbul Exhibition

Istanbul Exhibition
A major exhibit about Catalhoyuk opened in Istanbul in June and will continue until late August this year. The exhibit has been organized by one of our sponsors, Kocbank/Yapi Kredi, in collaboration with Yapi Kredi Arts and Culture. The exhibit is at the Yapi Kredi Vedat Nedim Tör Müzesi on Istiklal Caddesi, one of the busiest streets in Beyoglu, Istanbul.
For the first time objects found at the site have been brought together from Catalhoyuk, Konya Museum and from Ankara Museum. They have been displayed in an imaginative way that recreates the context in which they were used at Catalhoyuk 9000 years ago. A mudbrick house has been reconstructed at the centre of the exhibit, and the different sections of the exhibit describe the daily and ritual activities that took place in each part of the house.
This is the first exhibit that incorporates the results of the scientific work that has been conducted by the current project. Thanks to the close collaboration with the project through Nurcan Yalman and Jason Quinlan, the exhibit designers have very successfully brought the latest results of the current project into public view.
The exhibit is also designed to be interactive, and it has a section designed for children's activities. The end result is very lively and successful and visitor numbers have been high. We owe enormous thanks to Sennur Senturk, Defne Emerk, and Sadik Karamustafa for their vision and support in creating this exhibit.

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